URGENT UPDATE AS AT 1/5/2020 – There are currently no flu vaccines in stock.  The Ministry of Health advises that flu vaccine orders have been temporarily suspended while they wait for the next shipment of stock which is expected to arrive during the week beginning 11/5/2020.

When Flu Vaccines are back in stock they will be available to ALL registered patients over the age of 3 and OneHealth encourages those, who have yet to have their flu vaccine, to phone and book these in from Monday 18/4/2020.   The fee for non-funded Flu Vaccines is $35.00.

The current guidelines state patients only need to wait 5 minutes, following their vaccine, provided this is not their first flu vaccine.

Flu vaccines are being administered on the 1st floor of the OneHealth building. We have secured this tenancy so that our well patients are kept separate from the Urgent Care service.

Flu vaccines are not available, via our Urgent Care service, until further notice.