OneHealth has Measles Vaccines back in stock and these will be available to patients who meet the Ministry of Health Guidelines for the Auckland DHB. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Infants aged 6–11 months for MMR0.
  • Ensure all children receive MMR1 and MMR2 vaccinations, on time, at 12 months and 4 years.
  • Children aged under 5 years who require a catch-up vaccination.
  • Opportunistically offer one catch-up dose of MMR for people aged under 30 years who do not have one documented MMR vaccination with particular focus on the priority groups below.*
  • Based on clinical judgement, one catch-up dose of MMR can be administered to people aged 30–49 years who do not have one documented MMR vaccination, e.g. they work in higher risk environments, for example institutions such as prisons, or are in one of priority groups below.*
  • *Auckland region 15–50 years priority groups:
    • Pacific and Māori people.
    • Students at school and tertiary institutions.
    • Postpartum women and family members of babies aged 0–6 months.
    • Teachers and early childhood educators.